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i close my eyes again,
taking me back to that dream.
an eternal dream
i won't ever wake from

  conscious; in an eternal dream

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140726 (source), do not edit.

140726 (source), do not edit.

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A friend for my entire life.
"My lifelong friend, Taekwoon! I thought about the moments that I was with you. You were always with me even when I am sad! When I first met you, I thought you and I were really different, but I think we could be friends because of the differences between us."
       —n (about leo)

My heart’s friend.
"I am thankful to N as a friend and also as a leader. I appreciate that when I was unwell, he was more worried than anyone else. I am also grateful he helped me get through the times I felt troubled.
      —leo (about n)

do not edit | © 정택운닷컴

do not edit | © 정택운닷컴

You are looking at me, who came back
Can’t let go.
I do this on and on and on

hyuk forgetting that he’s a baby hyuk has always been manhyuk


ok n


Title: NoNoNo
Artist: Apink ft. Jungkook
Album: Just NO bitch
Played: 5,122 plays


kiseop and leo met last year when they played futsal on the same team at isac



then leo invited kiseop to his musical


he also gave kiseop vixx’s new album


now they’re friends and they’re really cute


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